The Bucket List Journal
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If you want a custom made journal gift box with a special message or company logo, we can arrange that for you. Contact our team for options & pricing.

Keynote Kickoff 

A keynote kickoff from Ben is a great addition when gifting journals in an organization. Contact our team for pricing and availability.

Give the Gift of Inspiration

After Ben’s inspiring keynote, audiences leave excited to take action and accomplish their goals. The Bucket List Journal is the perfect takeaway to remind your team of your organization’s commitment to their personal and professional success. It’s the perfect gift to maintain energy and enthusiasm long after the event is over.

The Bucket List Journal Keynote

The Bucket List Journal can be introduced during your keynote to engage your team to start setting goals during your event. Ask our team about how we can customize this experience to help align every audience member toward positive change.

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